LinkedIn Speaker Series: Reid Hoffman

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Join us as we turn the tables on our frequent LinkedIn Speaker Series interviewer, Reid Hoffman, and interview HIM about his new book, Blitzscaling: The Lightning-Fast Path to Building Massively Valuable Companies.

Reid’s new book comes out at the beginning of October, so don’t miss this “hot off the press” chance to hear directly from him about the lessons he has learned. Shannon Brayton, LinkedIn CMO, will host a fascinating fireside chat to understand what “blitzscaling” means and what separates the startups that get disrupted and disappear from the ones who grow to become global giants.

About the speaker:

Reid Hoffman is a partner at Greylock Partners and as you should know he co-founded LinkedIn in 2003 in his living room. He serves on the boards of Airbnb, Convoy, Edmodo, and Microsoft, in addition to some as yet unannounced startups. He leads the Greylock Discovery Fund, which invests in seed-stage entrepreneurs and companies; the fund is an extension of his prior angel investing, which included Facebook, Flickr,, and Zynga. Prior to LinkedIn and Greylock, he served as executive vice president at PayPal, where he was a founding board member. He believes strongly in the ability of entrepreneurship and technology to improve the world, and serves on the nonprofit boards of Biohub, Kiva, Endeavor, and He co-authored the best-selling books The Startup of You and The Alliance. He earned his master’s degree in philosophy from Oxford University as a Marshall Scholar, and his bachelor’s degree with distinction in symbolic systems from Stanford University.