LinkedIn Speaker Series: Zoë Baird

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Have you heard all the buzz about LinkedIn Cities? In case you haven’t, this is our effort to truly bring the Economic Graph to life and create economic opportunity for all. We are focusing first on the cities of Denver and Phoenix, with a special emphasis on middle-skill workers. Our core partner for LinkedIn Cities is the Markle Foundation and together we’ve partnered to launch Skillful, a set of online and offline tools to connect middle-skill job seekers — those with a high-school diploma and some college experience but not a four-year degree—with employers and educators so they can advance their careers. Zoë Baird, the CEO and President of the Markle Foundation, is our Speaker Series guest this month, visiting to share more with you about Skillful.

Together with Zoë and the Markle Foundation, we’re working to address the middle-skill gap by helping employers partner with local schools to provide training on relevant skills needed for open roles. Allen Blue is hosting this special fireside chat with Zoë Baird and will discuss LinkedIn’s role in Skillful and it’s new product Training Finder, which helps job seekers acquire new skills and advance their careers.

Come meet Zoë on Wednesday, July 27 at 1PM PT and hear all about the incredible impact we will have in these cities and how we our making our Economic Graph vision a reality!